The Future in our dreams

Text Box: Can dreams really foretell 
the future? .

 Sometimes it's possible to see a complete, specific event in a dream long before the event actually takes place.  It's a bit like viewing a film clip before seeing the whole film.  There are many theories on how this can be possible, but who knows the real answer?

 Some people say that like seeds sown in the earth, waiting to grown, deeds sown in the past will reap results in the future.  If this is so, then it could be that part of our higher consciousness knows in advance the harvest we are about to reap!

 Jung coined the phase the 'collective unconscious' To picture this imagine a mass-memory bank consisting of actions, mythologies and beliefs of everyone, past and present.  It could be that everyone of us has access to this mass memory bank and in our sleep we tune into this and draw from these experiences.

 If you think you have seen the future in your dreams then it could be that your dreams are preparing you for something that is going to happen.  Rather like a rehearsal before the real thing.  This might help you cope better when events do occur.  Remember however, that, it's impossible to know that the dream is prophetic until it does happen and there are all sorts of other ways that the dream might be interpreted.

 Precognitive dreams seem to occur more often than many people suppose and are often dismissed as 'coincidence'.  Who is to say?