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 Geminis are easy-going and they’ll respect their partner’s need for independence and freedom.  They need someone who will delight in sharing their many interests and who’ll enjoy a change of scene every once in a while.  Geminis love variety and need adventure in their love-lives.
Best partners: Libra or Aquarius


 It takes a while for Cancerians to feel secure enough to relax and reveal their true natures.  Once they do, they are deeply emotional, caring and loving.  Cancer tends to go in for very emotional relationships.    Ideally, they need someone who shares their serious attitude to relationships.  Someone who’ll love their home and family and who will understand their sudden mood swings.
Best partners: Scorpio or Pisces


 Leos know exactly how to attract the opposite sex.  They can be incredibly romantic and they’re generous (but sometimes jealous) lovers.  Once they’ve found their dream lover they’re likely to remain faithful and loyal - as long as no one else happens to come along!  Leos crave excitement, so a slow, cautious partner might not suit.
Best partners: Aries or Sagittarius


There’s often something aloof about the Virgoan which could discourage some potential partners but which may add a degree of mystique which other would-be lovers find seductive.  Virgo is a practical and precise sign.  They’re neat, tidy and often critical in relationships.  Who knows who will live up to their high expectations but at a guess, they’ll steer clear of impetuous, adventurous, freedom-loving types.
Best partners: Taurus or Capricorn


 Harmony is important in relationships.  Librans aren’t particularly possessive and tend to be reasonably tolerant.  Ruled by Venus, Librans will look for a partner who shares their artistic and musical appreciation.  They also like change and excitement, ruling out the more practical and cautious lover.
Best partners: Gemini or Aquarius


 Scorpios need satisfaction and happiness in love.  They’re very serious when it comes to ‘settling down’ with the partner of their choice, and can be demanding and jealous lovers.  Scorpio will be looking for a mate who is intelligent yet emotional, practical yet exciting, and who will tolerate their possessiveness.  
Best partners: Cancer or Pisces


 Archers are broad-minded and tolerant.  In their relationships they are not particularly demanding, and don’t expect too much from their partners.  Since Sagittarians value their personal freedom, they will also respect their lover’s need for independence.
Best partners: Aries or Leo

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