Text Box: Do you really understand how your partnerís mind works, or does his or her behaviour sometimes leave you feeling completely bewildered?  When it comes to love and commitment, how serious is your partner?  Whether you are in a steady relationship or youíre hoping to find romance with someone new, why not check out your partnerís sign and find out what makes him or her tick?


 Ariens are ambitious and outgoing.  They have no trouble attracting members of the opposite sex.  Initially they can be flirtatious, but when involved in a serious relationship they are capable of loyalty and commitment.  They respond best to a partner with a fiery temperament.  Physical compatibility is also a must.

Best partners: Leo or Sagittarius


 Hereís another attractive and popular personality!  Young Taureans can be quite flirtatious, but the older they get the more serious they become about their personal relationships.  In love, they need someone who is reliable, practical and down-to earth, with a warm and loving nature.  Again, physical compatibility is important.

 Best partners:  Virgo or Capricorn

Star-Crossed Lovers


Text Box: Ariens are as active as a Taurean can be lazy! Geminis are as versatile as a Virgo is methodical!

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